Van/Equipment Stolen From Carbon Tigers


We are heartbroken to learn that Chicago rock outfit Carbon Tigers have had their touring van, along with all of the band’s equipment, stolen out of the Clark/Lawrence area! Thousands of dollars gone in an instant.

Please click right here to view all of the stolen gear and help us catch these low-lifes, that decided to commit this unbelievable crime. Let’s work together! View an official statement from CT by looking below.

“Our van, along with all of our gear was stolen from the Clark/Lawrence area. If you see this van anywhere PLEASE email • L669821”

“It’s hard to express how encouraging it feels to have so much support right now. All of the posts, shares, and comments of love are helping all of us a lot. So thank you all. NOTHING in the entire fucking world will stop us from writing tunes and grooving hard to them with y’all at shows.

UPDATE: We’re talking to the insurance company at some point today. Fingers are crossed that they might help cover some of the contents that were inside of ‘Vanny Glover’. We’re going to release a list of all the gear with serial numbers, descriptions etc.

We’ll keep everyone updated on what’s going on.”

Love, CT

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