John Mayer Reveals Born and Raised Release Date, Album Art, and Tracklisting

Album Art: John Mayer - Born and Raised

Attention connoisseurs of music, please pay close attention. John Mayer has announced the release date, tracklisting, and album art for his 5th studio record Born and Raised. Literally nothing else in the world matters at this point.

Here are the details you need to know about the return of John Mayer. Firstly, Born and Raised is set for a shelf date of May 22nd of this year.

Secondly, this:

Album Art: John Mayer - Born and Raised

This is pretty damn cool right? In addition to winning Jacob’s album art of the year award, Born and Raised will feature 12 tracks in it’s intended form. You can find these titles by clicking the red text following this black text.

1. Queen of California

2. The Age of Worry

3. Shadow Days

4. Speak for Me

5. Something Like Olivia

6. Born and Raised

7. If I Ever Get Around To Living

8. Love is a Verb

9.  Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967

10. Whisky, Whisky, Whisky

11. A Face To Call Home

12. Born and Raised (Reprise)

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