SINGLE REVIEW: The Body Rampant – New Riot Central

The Body Rampant 2012 Feature

Artist: The Body Rampant
Song: New Riot Central
Label: Unsigned

The Body Rampant have been carving their own progressive niche in the pop rock universe since the early their early days in Los Angeles, California. Now, with the success of a productive 2011 backing them, the band is looking for bigger and better things with the release of their latest song, “New Riot Central.” If you missed the track’s premiere earlier this week, you can stream the song below:

As with every new single that comes our way, we spun the record around the UTG offices and gave everyone a chance to chime in with their thoughts on “New Riot Central.” You can read thoughts and critiques from UTG staffers below:

‎”The Body Rampant take a more edgy approach with their song “New Riot Central” and the results have paid off tenfold. Adding heavy synths, raw guitars, and aggressive vocals, the guys deliver an evolved sound that outdoes even the biggest fan’s expectations. I cannot wait to hear what comes next from this talented Los Angeles-based rock outfit” – Grant Trimboli (Twitter)

“Finding a band capable of writing a catchy song in this genre is easy, but finding a band that writes catchy music in this genre while simultaneously pushing themselves and their scene forward is near impossible. The Body Rampant prove on “New Riot Central” that they are one of those of-so-hard-to-find acts and I believe 2012 will be their best year yet. – James Shotwell (Twitter)

‎”Despite infusing synths and electronic The Body Rampant have a certain raw, bratty feel to them on “New Riot Central.” The melodies are terribly catchy and beg to be played loudly.” – Ethan Merrick (Twitter)

“Despite generally not liking this style of music normally, this song is pretty catchy. The vocals are very good, and for a pop track the lyrics are definitely above average. I wish that towards the end it almost got a little heavier with the synths (making it more dense during the bridge), but I think this a pretty good track regardless.” – Tyler Osborne (Twitter)

“With a mix of melodic vocals and raw guitars, The Body Rampant make a favorable impression with “New Riot Central.” It carries itself with good momentum, and does not allow the synth and electronic parts to become over-powering or over-produced. In addition the catchy, memorable chorus adds to it’s appeal.” – Sean Reid (Twitter)

“This is an ambitious and confident move from The Body Rampant. They play with a shrill enthusiasm that belies the simple effectiveness of their work. Catchy and aggressive with an infectious sense of fun, this synth-driven rock number is hugely appealing.” – Grace Duffy (Twitter)

Do you agree with us? Comment below and leave us your thoughts on The Body Rampant’s latest!

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