SHAMELESS: Soulja Boy Releases “Stop Kony” (Seriously)


Proving he is never one to NOT cash in on a trend, Soulja Boy has released a song in support of Invisibile Children’s #KONY2012 campaign.

You read that right: Less than 48 hours after going viral, Soulja Boy has released a song to support #Kony2012.

Let’s overlook for a second how little Soulja Boy has cared about other major events (where is the #bringtroopshome2012 song? Maybe the #herrighttochoose song?) and focus on the facts: Any “art” rushed to be completed while the topic is still popular on social media is almost ALWAYS a letdown. “Stop Kony” is no different. Set against a minimalistic beat, Soulja uses samples from the promotional video and a few terribly, terribly simple lines about how evil Kony is to create “Stop Kony.” You can stream, download, and experience this superb act of shamelessness after the jump.

Just because something trends on Twitter does not mean you can turn it into a marketing vehicle for yourself. Soulja needed to learn that the hard way and something tells me the reaction to “Stop Kony” might do the trick. Do you agree? Comment below and let us know!

James Shotwell

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  • pkiddy

    Holy sh*t this sucks. It should be, STOP SOULJA BOY. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

  • Why hate? So he added his fame to a controversy and is donating $ to it, so what? Pretty sure that’s a good thing & should be encouraged. Also: you can’t criticize a song for being so soon after its topic happens AND because the production values are low. 

  • Production is key to music creation, especially when the person releasing the song makes the majority of his money being a producer.

  • Walkernicholas47

    i hate this soulja and ion mean hate on him..he is a kid that plays over serious matters … aint nothin swag about the kony situation…. and this is coming from a 20 year old black man that RAPS ! This is garbage and the fact that he gets paid for sh*t like dis is disgusting… #2real 

  • Just because something trends on Twitter does not mean you can turn it into a marketing vehicle for yourself. 

    Actually the fact that we’re sitting here talking about it, proves that you can. And at least he’s bringing attention to the issue. 

  • Ok one this song is horrible. He shows no creativity or talent. This is easily something that you would expect to hear on a crappy rap artists myspace page back in 2003. The fact that he has the balls to repeat his name during the song disgraceful. Lets take any sense of raising awareness to remind people who you are. Also WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PURPOSE OF SAYING SWAG AT ANY POINT DURING THIS SONG? Let alone at the part where it talks about people not knowing who Kony is. Did he even watch the video or put any effort into this at all or did he just say one full line and Stop Kony and then let someone else mix up a joke track. Im pretty sure you can hear laughing at one point. Let just say any respect that he had in the least bit should be thrown out the window. Quit your day job Soulja, and stop trying to be relevant.

  • Sammyspillman

    I’m gonna keep this brief. Shameful.

  • yougodoit

    Boy!  This ArmChair Warrior could be air dropped with Justin Bieber into Uganda with sling shots.  then go arrest KONY baby on your own time and nickel.

  • Ken

    1:29. Thats how far i made it through this piece of shit. And I am a very patient person. That has to be the worst piece of any form of art that I have ever heard or seen. Shame on anyone who has helped this loser become somewhat famous.

  • Bob
    This is WAYYY better…. nuff said

  • Bob
    Listen to this, this DESERVES to be known

  • Bob
  • Bob
    This dude is 16, and he SH*TS on soulja boy

  • Irepiraq

    Well ofcourse its part of his job, he wants to make money off it whats wrong with that? Just like you make money off this post.