Sparks the Rescue Posts New Demo

sparks the rescue

Just a bit ago, Sparks the Rescue finished up their first major tour since being dropped from Fearless Records. These Saco boys went out with Hit the Lights and D.R.U.G.S. and had a good ole time.

Well, what’s next for Sparks the Rescue? We reported last week that they have begun tracking a brand new record that they plan to release in June. In May, the band will head out again, this time with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

While all this has been going down, singer Alex Roy has been recording some demos on his MacBook. Yesterday, Roy recorded a demo called “Posters Caught in the Wind” and posted it up on his Tumblr along with the lyrics. The song isn’t meant to be a Sparks the Rescue song at the moment and I think that’s wise. The lyrics and current concept are pretty bland and all too familiar. Who knows, some decent studio production could actually give this one some flavor. Ramble, ramble, go listen for yourself.

Jacob Tender

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