At the Drive-In to Reissue Debut 7 inch Vaya

At_the_Drive-In 2012

Recently reunited band At the Drive-In will be repressing their debut 7 inch record Vaya on vinyl. The repressing is limited to 500 copies on colored vinyl, and will only be available at Coachella (all dates). This release is in conjunction with Record Store Day on April 20, and will surely sell out on the first day of it being available.

This is an obvious cash-grab from the band, but honestly the real repercussions this is going ot have is concert-goers buying multiple copies and then flipping them all on the internet for five times the price. If there is one thing we find more annoying at UTG is scalpers and flippers. Record Store Day is a really awesome event that happens once a year (even though EVERY day should be record store day) that we will be reporting on the details of the releases that are exclusive to this fantastic event. Make sure you check out this release when it’s available, because guaranteed if you sleep on it you’re going to have to pay an extraordinary amount of money for it.

Tyler Osborne

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