STREAM/DOWNLOAD/HATE YOURSELF: Madonna ft. Nicki Minaj – I Don’t Give A


If you needed something to hate this week, I have your fix.

Still attempting to act as if we didn’t notice the last half decade past without her work in film or music being relevant, Madonna is still making last-second grabs at fame (because she apparently hasn’t spent enough time in the limelight over her three-decade-plus career) with a new single that pair the aging songstress with Nicki Minaj. You can stream, download, and attempt to retain you lunch while accessing “I Don’t Give A” after the jump.

Aside from the snooze-inducing verses, including a phoned-in bit from Minaj, “I Don’t Give A” has a beat and vibe that feels straight out of an early 90’s hiphop video. It’s not catchy, it’s not in your face, it’s dated and getting older by the keystroke. Fasce it Madonna, some areas of music may just be out of reach for you at this point, including the “lude&crude” pop world or teens. The rest of us have accepted the fact you’ve gotten older, why can’t you?

(source: HFHH)

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  • Fu

    You are a sick fuck!!!! BeCAUSE of people like you Madonna makes this awesome songs!!! She doesnt give a Fuck about your opinion !!!

  • 123

    What a great song! Love it