WOW: Disney Reports Loss of $200 Million as a Result of John Carter


Okay so normally I just report the music news and let the film news come from the other guys, but this is too rediculous not to report. According to a statement by Walt Disney Studios on Monday (and NYTimes Blog as our source), Disney will have to “take a write down of about $200 million,” on their new movie John Carter. This is a very large number. Just as a reference point, the total production of acclaimed but disturbingly expensive movie Avatar cost somewhere around $280 million dollars. This is heinous, but honestly we are not surprised because John Carter was absolutely painful to watch even for the nerds on the UTG staff. This just goes to show you, just because you dump money into it (around $300 million to be exact) doesn’t mean it’s going to make profit.


What do you think of this loss? Did this movie deserve it? Was this movie any good? Let UTG know!

Tyler Osborne

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  • RLEE

    I really liked it and hope they will continue with another in the series.

  • it was impressive visually… and told a story like that.

    Unfortunately almost every COMMON storytelling technique was bastardized.