RUMOR: Crown The Empire Sign To Rise Records


The internet is alive and well with gossip this evening, the most popular item being that Texas natives Crown The Empire have joined the Rise Records family.

Earlier today, Rise Records ignited chatter with a post on their official Facebook that teased:

We’re announcing a new band on Friday. Here’s a hint, they are from Texas!

While there are many bands in Texas that fit the Rise Records norm, i.e. anything blending elements of metalcore and post hardcore (preferably in a mix that also involves flashy haircuts and/or groups of five+ members), one name instantly lept to the minds of our staff and many who commented on the post: Crown The Empire.

These split-second guesses were then turned into rumor (and like we said, probably truth) by a post from Crown The Empire that teased something oddly similar:

Crown The Empire are not only an almost perfectly fit the above description (and oddly, this parody of the label that recently went viral), CTE recently signed with The Agency Group (who have worked with Rise acts such as Emarosa), and have been teasing about “powers that be” preventing them from releasing their cover of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger.”

I guess we will all have to wait until Friday to find out what is real and what is gossip, but if this is true, we could not think of a more perfect match for CTE than the Rise family. You can view their video for “Voices” below, but those really wanting to dig in should click here and learn more about their debut EP.

James Shotwell

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