Odd Future Show Shut Down in Boston, OF Member Arrested


As is tradition in Boston, Massachusetts, The Odd Future crew had their fun cut short by law enforcement personnel tonight at their show at the House of Blues. This is just 1 night after Earl Sweatshirt’s stage debut in New York.

From what we know, Jasper Dolphin was restrained after trying to jump from the balcony at the Boston House of Blues. He may have also been caught smoking a joint tossed on stage. Fan’s are reporting that non-musical member, Lionel, was the member arrested.

If you recall, Tyler The Creator was arrested at Newbury Comics last year for “riot causing.” Pshh. I think at this point it’s illegal to be Odd Future in Boston.

By clicking inside, you can see a video of Tyler the Creator attempting to explain the situation before being cut off by the HOB. We also have a video to introduce you to Lionel.

Jacob Tender

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  • fuckin awesome anoymous

    shaking my head at the police.. i payed money to hear odd future perform.. oh well. it was still a dope fuckin show, sweaty as hell tho, and filled with losers, but dope.

  • a motherfuckin radical

    The show last night was just crazy. And I’m disappointed that as always the po-po always kill the fun. 

    BPD = No Fun