“Hunger Games” Earns More Than $25 Million From Midnight Screenings


The first tentpole film of 2012 has arrived and it’s already crushing everything in its path.

Panned by many critics, but squealed over by teens worldwide, The Hunger Games debuted in theaters across the country last night in typical midnight screening fashion. The numbers are still not cemented into the books, but multiple sources are reporting that the teen epic grossed more than $25 million from the late night engagement. Considering that is the take from only one set of screenings, we can only imagine the number the film will hit by Sunday night. Any guesses?

We are planning to feature The Hunger Games on UTG sometime in the next 24 hours. We won’t be reviewing the film per say, but it will be part of one of our most popular columns. Stay tuned!

James Shotwell

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  • Dobbers

    ‘Panned’? Is that what an 86 % critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes means? I am tired of this site hating on popular things just to create controversy. I missed when you were just starting this project as honest and earnest writers. I am just dying to read your inevitable spiteful ‘feature’ about this film.

  • utgjames


    Thank you for following UTG for so long. I’m sorry if you feel we have turned sour, as it was never our intention. The 86% is great, but I was referring more to the sites in our own circle/blogosphere, most of which are not on the RT scale.
    To be honest, I did not enjoy The Hunger Games. Not because of the love story or the hype, but because of the camera direction and poor CGI. It is by no means the worst thing I have ever seem and definitely nowhere near as bad as “Jack & Jill,” but it is still a very subpar film in many ways. My belief is that anything that makes kids want to read cannot be all THAT bad, and I am doing my best to apply this methodology to The Hunger Game series.
    Now all that aside, is it wrong that I am the head writer for many of our reviews and also happen to have a distaste for Katy Perry, Twilight, and Nicki Minaj? We do write some spiteful stuff, but I think we do a fine job of balancing that sass with honest promotion and real conversation.
    Thanks for the feedback. Have you actually seen this film yet? Give us your thoughts.