WATCH: Bruno Mars Covers “N*ggas In Paris”


Bruno Mars unleashed a cover of Jay-Z & Kanye’s hit while performing at The Playboy Mansion and UTG has the footage.

Recently, Bruno Mars was welcomed at the Playboy Mansion in celebration of being the second male in history to appear on the magazine’s cover. During the celebration, Mars took to the stage and, in the midst of medley piece, busted out a quick take on “N*ggas In Paris.” You can view footage of the performance after the jump.

Bruno Mars’ success in the past year proves that people love real, honest pop music. That said, all the success has also resulted in him taking QUITE A LONG TIME between releases. We’re hoping to hear something new from his camp soon, but at this point we don’t know when that will be. Stay tuned!

James Shotwell

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  • R.D.

    Actually it was a mash-up of ‘Roxanne’ by The Police and ‘N*ggas in Paris’, but yeh the whole set list was great!