STREAM: Undesirable People – Plush (Cover)


UTG is excited to present the premiere of Undesirable People‘s “Plush” cover. Originally recorded by The Stone Temple Pilots, “Plush” has been an iconic rock song for over a decade now. Undesirable People strived to give this song its own creative outlook and we enjoyed it immensely!

When asked about the song, UP offered the following:

“Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard on recording and piecing together new songs for our next release. While doing so, we decided to record a cover song for fun. The song we decided on was Stone Temple Pilots – “Plush”. We feel this tune reflects an era of music that truly inspired a movement of great bands, songs, & albums. Lets face it, this song has been in the back of your mind for the last 20 years. The track was recorded at our practice spot with our buddy, Anthony Valmassoi and was mixed with the help of Chris Trestain. Hope you enjoy! New tunes and tours coming at you soon!”

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  • Dr Rockso

    I wanted to hate it, but that was really fuckin cool. Be interesting to hear what they would do to Silvergun Superman.