New Hawk Nelson Vocalist Revealed


It has been revealed that Hawk Nelson guitarist Jonathan Steingard will be taking over full-time duties as the band’s frontman!

Along with this great news, Steingard also mentioned that they are in the process of writing a new album. A ton of news hitting us all at once but UTG is sure you enjoy it more than anything. Check out Jon’s official Tweets by looking below and please feel free to comment with your thoughts!

@ohhTeenageLife thanks! i’m glad you like it! i’m moving into a new role as hawk’s singer and frontman. writing a new HN record right now!

@mcnellyguitars incidentally, I am using the mcnele in the studio a ton at the moment. Writing a whole new HN record. I should shout out. :)

@mcnellyguitars haha yes it does. I’m moving into a new role in the band, taking over as frontman and lead singer. Huge change for sure!

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