Hot Water Music Stream New Song, Offer Free Download

hot water music

Hot Water Music have partnered up with Rolling Stone to offer up a free download/stream of their song “Drag My Body.”

These Florida rockers disbanded in 2006 but are making a comeback to put out their first album in eight years. Get ready for Exister to hit stores on May 15! Read a direct quote from frontman Chuck Ragan about this song, by looking below, and stream/download “Drag My Body by clicking here.

“Sooner or later we all inevitably hit a wall, and lose steam and find ourselves in the vortex of self-inflicted torment”

“‘Drag My Body’ is a simple story of finding oneself at a point of no return, at the end of a rope and teetering on the edge of madness with the realities of failure looming. Just as well realizing the capabilties of pulling oneself up from those obstructions and simply carrying on.”

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