Saigon Announces Sophomore Album Release Date


Hip-hop’s own Saigon has unveiled the release date for his sophomore album, Bread And Circuses, and we could not be more excited for it to hit our offices.

This Suburban Noize effort has an official drop of September 11 and points out the constant struggles of the human race, something Saigon emphasizes regularly in his music. Check out official statements from the artist right here and look out for more updates very soon.

“Let’s try that again….. Sept 11th 2012 I will be releasing my Sophomore album Bread And Circuses… Please please support the TRUE shit.”

“The meaning of the title is a metaphor for how they control the population with not good public service but through diversion. Bread and Circuses. Food and Entertainment is how they control the masses. Count how many food commercials come on during a t.v. ‘program’. It’s a old Roman formula [on] how to make the population fall in line… Yall should read up on it….”

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