Birdman Wants To Release 100 Albums A Year


The past decade has found label owners around the world racing to find the next sustainable platform for the music industry. Now over a decade into the millennium, many are still finding their footing, but things are beginning to look up. What do you do once you find your footing? You look ahead.

Birdman, known by many for rapping and by even more for owning Cash Money Records, has been looking into the future of his label and has emerged with big plans. Not only does he want to make Cash Money into a billion dollar brand, he wants to release 100 new albums every twelve months (from his artists, not himself). Here’s what the entrepreneur had to say to Complex earlier this week:

We gonna do 16 in the first six months and we gonna try this year to try to put out at least 30 this year. Next year, we’ll try to put out 50. We just gonna keep growing. To have 100 active acts is a lot. It ain’t just rappers, it’s different artists in different parts of the country: rap, pop, country, gospel—its everything.

The full interview can be read here. While I appreciated his lofty ambitions, the amount of behind-the-scenes work, not to mention promotional support needed for a label that size is near mind-boggling.

What do you think of Birdman’s dreams? Can he pull off turning his label into a billion dollar empire while pouring thousands into releases? Comment below and let us know!

James Shotwell

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