DJ Lethal and John Otto kicked out of Limp Bizkit


Limp Bizkit and House of Pain’s DJ Lethal confirmed via Twitter that he and Limp Bizkit drummer John Otto have been kicked out of the band. He says they were kicked out due to their “lifestyle, that includes partying and having fun“. This doesn’t come as a complete surprise as Limp Bizkit’s fifth album The Unquestionable Truth (2005) had their drum duties taken over by Sammy Siegler (who has played with Glassjaw, Nightmare of You, and others) due to John Otto’s frequent drug use.

Guitar player Wes Borland has said via twitter that it was a decision that the band made as a whole. He later tweets that Limp Bizkit will continue without their now former drummer and DJ. Fred Durst repeats these statements on the group’s facebook page, concluding “All we can hope and ask for from fans and outsiders is to be understanding and unconditionally supportive during such a trying time because this is sensitive for us all”.

Limp Bizkit’s most recent album Gold Cobra was released June 2011.

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  • Newfie_franchise82

    Actually there has been a statement by Fred durst on Facebook under the limp bizkit band page, as well as wes borland tweeting about it earlier

  • Updated! Thanks for the heads up.