UTG LIST: 5 Essential “Starvation” Tracks


It seems like we spent the first three months of the year hyping Ace Hood’s latest mixtape, but it all paid off earlier this week when Starvation finally hit the net. Now, after dozens of listens, we have some thoughts to share.

Hiphop is crazy right now. The affordability of acceptable recording equipment is lower than ever before, leading to an avalanche of young talent hyping themselves as the “next big thing” in the game. This would be a fantastic thing if not for influence of current mainstream music on the wealth of this talent, making for a disillusioned group of nobodies with more ego than wit. Whether or not they have it, these artists boast about their swag and fancy possessions, making few-to-little reference to their actual life and/or the struggles of the world. They’re cashing in as opposed to furthering the art.

Ace Hood is not one of these artists, though he is prone to lax into a simple metaphor or flow from time to time, and he has never been stronger than he is on Starvation. Aside from a few radio-ready bangers, much of the mixtape plays like an autobiography set to music that deserves to be heard. UTG selected the five best tracks from the tape to share, hopefully pushing some of you to consider the full tape if you have not already. You can stream, download and enjoy the tracks after the jump.

If you disagree with us, or feel we perhaps overlooked a track, let us know! Comment below and tell us your thoughts on Starvation.

A Hustlers Prayer (Prod by The Renegades)

Different People Ft. The Game (Prod by The Renegades)

Do It (Prod by The Renegades)

Hallucination (Prod by The Renegades)

Piss Em Off (Prod by The Monarch)

Written by: James Shotwell
List compiled by: Grant Trimboli & James Shotwell

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