HOLY SH!T: “Clerks 3” Headed To The Stage, Plot Details Revealed


Kevin Smith may be ending his film career after next year’s Hit Somebody, but new information surfacing today reveals his most beloved characters still have another story to tell.

Speaking with EW this week, Smith revealed he is in the very early stages of development for Clerks 3, a forthcoming production he plans to take to the stage in 2014. The play, which would see release twenty years after the original became the talk of Sundance, would ideally star the cast from Smith’s films, but discussions are still underway:

Have you had any recent discussions — formal or informal — with the cast from the first two Clerks about another potential edition, whether it be on the stage or on the screen?

KEVIN SMITH: Jeff was the first person I reached out to. I sent him an email after I’d seen Alan Rickman in Seminar in February: “You’re the first person I’m gonna tell… Clerks III is gonna be a play on Broadway. We’ll do a six month run and sell out the entirety in advance. You up for six shows a week, sir? Live?” To which Jeff responded, “Better lay off the weed, sir.”

I told Jason [Mewes], just before we went onstage to do our Jay & Silent Bob Get Old live podcast in London. He asked if he could be his own understudy. I haven’t spoken to Brian [O’Halloran] yet, but he’s the only one of us with actual theatrical training, so this will be right up his alley. I know I’ll need Trevor [Fehrman] as well, because Elias from Clerks II will feature prominently. Rosario Dawson’s Becky would feature in a pre-recorded bit.

Smith is a king of selling his films without giving away too much, and he does so yet again when talking about the plot for his character’s third romp:

Last we saw, Dante and Randal had purchased the Quick Stop, and Dante was going to be a father/husband. Where might they be now? What’s changed?

It’s finally Randal’s turn to fall in love — just as everything else falls apart.

The full interview, which also includes details on the show’s run and potential for cinematic distribution, can be read here. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months and feel free to comment below to let us know your thoughts on the return of Jay and Silent Bob.

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