MUSIC VIDEO: I The Mighty – Dancing On A Tightrope

i the mighty 2012

Equal Vision rising stars I The Mighty have released their gripping visuals for the song “Dancing On A Tightrope” and can be viewed here.

This song is off of the group’s latest EP, Karma Never Sleeps. ITM told AltPress the meaning behind this particular track and can be read by simply looking below. Watch and discover your new favorite talent right now!

“The title of the song is a metaphor for living life with reckless abandonment. The song itself was inspired by a friend of mine, who does just that. Yet, no matter what you say to someone, sometimes things need to be learned first hand. “It will all come back to you, of that you can’t pretend, because life has a way of equaling itself out at both ends.” A statement basically implying that Karma never sleeps.”

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