STREAM: Soundgarden – Live to Rise

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We brought you the tease a little over a week ago, now UTG delivers the full stream of Soundgarden’s first song in over a decade.

It has been fifteen years since the world heard new noise from the world of Soundgarden, but that all changes right now, thanks to YouTube. Taken from the soundtrack to Marvel’s The Avengers, “Live To Rise” rips with a thick groove and a hook genre fans of any ages will probably swoon over. Click past the jump and enjoy.

Critics will be weighing in by dawn, so beat them to it and comment below with your thoughts on “Live To Rise.” Was it worth the wait?

James Shotwell

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  • Chris

    Sounds more like Audioslave than Soundgarden, but I think they needed to go with the more radio friendly sound for a summer blockbuster soundtrack.

    I like it, but I am expecting something a little more weighty from the album proper.

  • Gagelindsten

    Eh, the intro riff is a bit misleading. Ultimately falls into bland territory that is more reminiscent of post-SG Cornell writing. Lacking in any real meat, pretty boring acoustic verse / driving guitar chorus fare. Kind of a bummer.