Black Clouds / Tigers Jaw Split Delayed Due to Legal Issues

black clouds tigers jaw

Upcoming Run For Cover Records split between Tigers Jaw and Black Clouds has been delayed due to some legality issues regarding Black Clouds name.

Supposedly there’s another band with the same name that claim rights, so Run For Cover has to reprint all of the sleeves so that there isn’t some sort of infringement. Lame, but the law is the law. The delay shouldn’t be too long (estimated 7-10 days), but it still stinks nonetheless. Check out the statement after the break about the problem, and let UTG know what you think!

“We have some bad/weird news regarding these splits shipping. Black Clouds have run into some legal trouble regarding their name and are unfortunately going to have to change it due to another band owning the copyright. We are currently in the process of getting the covers printed with their new name, and expect a setback of only 7-10 days. The vinyl is complete and digital downloads will be sent out in the next 48 hours.

Thanks for understanding and we will update you again soon!”

Tyler Osborne

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