Hunger Games Tops Box Office, Crosses $300 Million Domestically


Two titles many considered to be heavyweights entered cinemas this weekend, but neither was strong enough to take down the teen titan known as The Hunger Games.

Official numbers will not be released until tomorrow, but early estimates are reporting The Hunger Games took this weekend’s box office crown with $33 million, raising the epic’s grand total beyond the $300 million mark (in only 17 days). American Reunion came in second, boasting a modest $21.5 million, and the 3d rerelease of Titanic ranked third with $17.4 million.

We have written at length about the Hunger Games, so I will leave it be this time. If you’d like to see the complete top 5, click past the jump.

Did you go to the movies this weekend? If so what did you see?

Box Office
1. The Hunger Games — $33.5 mil
2. American Reunion — $21.5 mil
3. Titanic 3D — $17.4 mil
4. Wrath of the Titans — $15.0 mil
5. Mirror Mirror — $11.0 mil

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  • Saw American Reunion on Friday. It was solid…definitely up there with American Wedding, which I expected.
    Am shocked that it beat out Titanic 3D, but man, $33mil more for Hunger Games is crazy big.

  •  I enjoyed reading your articles. This is truly a great read for me.