Handguns Discuss Writing Debut Album


Handguns recently sat down with the good people over at Alternative Press to discuss writing the band’s debut album.

Please check out what they had to say about their song-writing process for Angst and who Handguns are trying to reach, with their lyrics. Please read an excerpt below and check out the full interview by clicking through the link above!

That’s a very levelheaded approach to being a pop punk band right now. Not presenting any fluff and just saying, “Look, we want to write tunes, tour and hang out with our friends.”
Exactly. We’re not like, “Oh, we’re going to save the world. We’re so artistic and involved.” No, we’re just writing songs. And I love music that makes absolutely no sense at all, that’s just not what I want to play. We don’t want to be a band for 5 or 10 years. We want to be a band for 50 years. This is it. This is what we want to do with our lives. If we’re 45 and can’t draw 100 people, we’re still going to do it.

Sounds like a great goal to have. So what else do you want people to know about the record?
The record is called Angst and look up the definition of it. It’s about all the anxieties of things we’ve all been through. The full deluxe version will have 16 songs—there will be 12 on the regular release, I think—about shit that everyone deals with. I feel like a lot of bands try to put themselves on a pedestal like, “Oh, my thoughts are so perfect and new and I’m the only one who’s ever felt this way.”

For us, it’s like, everyone goes through the exact same shit. We’re not bringing ourselves above anyone with our music—we never have and we never will. We wrote 16 songs about real life shit that we’ve been through and stuff that anyone can deal with and relate to.

You don’t have to be some fucking music critic or be this way or that way to “get” Handguns. No, we want metal kids, hardcore kids, 90-year-old grandmas and everyone in the world to listen to Handguns. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight or Christian or Atheist or Muslim. Everyone deals with the same topics. That’s why we write the music the way we write it.

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