Kendrick Lamar Has Recorded 30 Songs With Dr. Dre


Kendrick Lamar is easily one of the most sought-after artists of 2012 and his fan base continues to grow every day.

After releasing a stream of the insanely catchy track “The Recipe,” done with Dr. Dre, many asked if this was going to be the only collaboration we would see from the two. Kendrick Lamar has now released a statement saying that he and Dre have recorded 30 songs together. We cannot wait to see which picks end up on his upcoming album, Good Kid In A Mad City. Read the quote below and let UTG know if you are excited for these new joints!

“We’re looking around summertime [to release Good Kid in a Mad City], pushing around at the end,” he noted. “I’m in a tight space right now. They’re trying to get that motherfucker out immediately, but I continue to keep on working…I’ve probably got about 30 records with Dre, bro. For Detox, I locked in with Snoop and Dre…to see the two of them in the studio together, man, it just makes me think about all the old joints that they used to do on The Box and BET, ’cause they’ve still got that same chemistry where Snoop is the little wild homie and Dre is the mentor.”

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