Angels & Airwaves Working On New Movies, Live DVD And More

angels & airwaves

According to an interview today, it has been confirmed that Angels & Airwaves are busy at work on plenty of music-related projects.

The group are working on new movies, albums, live works, a documentary, and much more. Read what AVA’s frontman Tom DeLonge had to say below and check out the interview for additional information.

AH: Part 2 was released on your own label, To The Stars Records. Is this label going to be exclusively for AVA releases or can we expect releases from other acts?
Tom DeLonge: I don’t know. I’ve toyed with the idea of bands on there but I have so many things going on. Angels and Airwaves have two more movies, remix albums, live albums, live DVDs. We have this film score coming out. We’re working on tv shows. We’re working on all this different type of merchandise possibilities, so I have everyone so busy and a documentary in the works, so its kinda so much stuff. I don’t know if we have time.

AH: You mentioned the live album. When can we expect to hear that?
Tom DeLonge: That will be filmed this year, so that will be out next year.
AH: You also mentioned a TV show, any more information on that?
Tom DeLonge: Just tell people to go to

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