GK Tour Covers Compilation Available Online

Glamour Kills 2012

Happy Record Store Day to everyone! If you were looking for a solid purchase today then look no further than the Glamour Kills Tour Compilation.

Featuring special covers of bands on the tour including The Wonder Years, Polar Bear Club, Transit, The Story So Far, A Loss For Words, and Into It. Over It. You can order it online by heading here and comes in two different colors.

Please check out the track-listing for the GK Tour Covers Compilation as well through the jump.

Side A:
1. The Wonder Years – Anchor (by Into It. Over It.)
2. Polar Bear Club – Skipping Stone (by Transit)
3. Transit – Resent And Resistance (by Polar Bear Club)

Side B:
4. The Story So Far – Wrightsville Beach (by A Loss For Words)
5. A Loss For Words – Quicksand (by The Story So Far)
6. Into It. Over It. – Don’t Let Me Cave In (by The Wonder Years)

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