Koji’s Vehicle Broken Into; Kickstarting his Way Back Onto the Road

Koji 2012

Koji is one of the hardest working dude’s in the punk/indie scene. The guy tours almost to an obsessive level, and he continuously puts out some of the finest music our generation will hear.

Recently, the singer-songwriter had his vehicle broken into and had a ton of stuff stolen, including his guitar and a ton of merchandise. In response, Koji is looking for help to get back on his feet so he doesn’t have to stop touring and sharing his wonderful live experience with his fans. In turn, Koji has launched a Kickstarter campaign where he hopes to raise $3,000 to help get a new guitar and help recuperate his losses.

Frankly, some Kickstarter campaigns are lame. Some bands put excessive amounts of money as their goal that they don’t actually need, but if there is one project on Kickstarter that needs it, it’s Koji’s. As a UTG family, we all 100% promote this project and if you have any money lying around (and if you’re punk you probably have very little) do your best to help a great musician, activist, and person on the road.

Check out the statement from Koji after the break, and let UTG know that you’re helping out.

This week marks the beginning of what will be my life on the road in 2012. Last night, my crew and I were on our way to Texas to begin the tour when we stopped at a friend’s house in Louisiana. It was a good area right next to a school and we were assured it was a safe place to park. Regardless, we took precautions checking on the vehicle periodically and taking the valuables out. However, my merchandise and guitar didn’t make it into the house before all the vehicles in front of the house were broken into including ours. We are incredibly fortunate to be safe and in good health.

There are things you can’t control when your on the road and everyone understands that there’s a certain amount of risk that comes with the touring lifestyle. Sometimes things happen. You have got to work through it. Luckily, I was able to recover some vinyl in an alley nearby, but otherwise I’m left with very little merch to make money with to sustain the tour. Worse yet, I’m without the necessary tool, my guitar, to perform my trade.

In my music, I write about what it is to face yourself and to face the challenges at hand. You’ve got to take everything that comes your way and grow from it. My resolve to keep on working is stronger than ever, but I’ve come to a point where I need to ask for your help. The $3,000 goal will put a dent in our losses and will replace some of the stolen merch and equipment, but it’s only a start. Anything you can do–even if it’s not supporting this campaign, but sharing my music and mission with new ears–will help me go the distance.

Thank you so much for your support in my moment of need. Friends, family and community are the only reasons I exist.



Tyler Osborne

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