EXCLUSIVE: Something Is Happening To CHIODOS (And Craig Owens Tipped Us Off!)


A month ago we brought you an article that claimed D.R.U.G.S. vocalist Craig Owens would be rejoining his former band, Chiodos. Our source for that story was someone very close to the situation and though no announcements have been made, we still stand by their information. That said, we may soon be biting our tongues as some new information has surfaced that will likely leave you with more questions than answers.

Earlier today, our good friend Craig Owens tipped us off that Chiodos’ official website had disappeared. We looked into it and sure enough, anyone visiting Chiodos.net is now greeted by a 404 message informing the user that the site they seek is no longer present.

Confused, we sought out the band’s official Facebook and Twitter for any statements regarding the downed site. Upon arrival to the pages, we discovered both the cover photo and profile image for Chiodos’ Facebook have been removed, as well as the icon for their Twitter, and neither account had been updated since the (at least) the announcement of Bolmer and Wayne’s departure on March 27.

UTG is currently reaching out to Owens, members of Chiodos, and Equal Vision Records for comment. At the time of this post, no messages had been returned.

We’re not silly enough to think Craig Owens tipping us off about Chiodos’ absence is a complete chance occurence, but we also have absolutely no idea what lies ahead. While we wait, comment below and let us know what you think of the latest developments in this ongoing story.

UPDATE: Video announcement, Craig is back in the band.

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  • LoL who uses Google Analytics in a 404 error page?, that’s not a normal or hosting 404 error. They’re planning something

  • utgjames

    Haha, i know! We noticed the 404 issue when writing the story, but figured we would leave a little up to the imagination ;)

  • I love this interneter for looking into things. 

  • Curse_of_da_scorpion

    the website is back and they have a new cover photo on facebook…..

  • ever

    Website is back up with a video of Craig rejoining.

  • Racheln29

    Band sent an email to all its fans. It’s not breaking up, it’s just starting a new phase.