Like Moths To Flames Add Legion Drummer Kevin Rutherford

Like Moths to Flames 2012

Like Moths To Flames have added Legion’s drummer Kevin Rutherford to the roster.

We have no word on what has happened to LMTF’s drummer Lance Greenfield but lookout for a confirmation in the near future. Please take a look at Legion’s statement, regarding the loss of Kevin, by looking below.

“Things have been a little quiet with us over the last couple months and we wanted to let everyone in on whats happening with Legion. Over the last month and a half we have being laying a bit low aside from playing three incredible festivals; SOUTH BY SO WHAT?! Music Festival in Dallas, TX, The JAMboree! in Toledo, OH, and New England Metal Fest in Worcester, MA. We had a blast at each show! Some of you may have already heard but our drummer Kevin has left Legion and has started playing drums for our friends Like Moths to Flames. LMTF has a lot of awesome stuff coming up soon and as bummed as we are to see Kevin go again we are stoked for him. With that being said we are looking for a new full time drummer who is tour ready starting this fall. If interested in drumming, please email Over the summer we are going to be writing a FULL LENGTH ALBUM, to be released later this year. We can’t really say too much more about the album yet but we just wanted you all to know that we are still here and not going anywhere, we are just getting started!”

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