Matt Good Talks About the Future of Kit Fysto

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After the first announcement of Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows’ disbandment, the first question that came to our minds is “what next?” Craig Owens is, of course, rejoining Chiodos. That’s set in stone. What about the rest of the band, though? What plans do they have?

Nick Martin has been hinting at a project, Aaron Stern has as well. Even the band’s original bassist rejoined Story of the Year a few months ago. What about Matt Good? Well, we know that Matt has found an interest in electronic music much like fellow From First To Last band-mate Sonny Moore (Skrillex), forming Kit Fysto with producer AJ Calderon. This project has given us a few sweet remixes so far, but with Matt consistently on the road with DRUGS, things slowed down a bit. Now that the band is over, It appears that Kit Fysto will be Good’s main musical priority. Here is a short statement made by the musician on Kit Fysto’s Facebook page.

“Today I was thinking about the EP and I decided that Kit Fysto is gonna be all about a brand new sound. Something fresh. I love rock, dubstep, rap, electro, metal, all kinds of shit but they’ve all been done. I think the next evolution in my writing is combining elements of all the things I enjoy in a tangible way. It’s gonna be a challenge, but it is my ultimate goal with this album. No holds barred, full on awesome, fearless, creativity. No rules. Fuck the rules. End rant

and yes, to all those wondering, it will have vocals from myself (matt) and AJ”

AJ tells us that he has begun working on material for the EP, so it won’t be too long. This is a project to follow. Listen to a Kit Fysto remix of  “Middle Finger (Feat. Mac Miller)” by Cobra Starship inside.

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