STREAM: B.o.B – “Bombs Away (feat. Morgan Freeman)”

bobby ray B.o.B 2012

Go ahead, read the title again. You didn’t read it wrong. Morgan Freeman did, in fact, contribute to a B.O.B. track.

Now, before you get too excited, you won’t find this Academy Award winner singing on this song. He does, however, add a very nice introduction as only Morgan Freeman can do.

After the calming introduction prelude, Bobby Ray comes in with a verse. This is followed by a chorus sung by the rapper himself. I’m not impressed. The nice thing with the pop game in this generation is the ability to pull in someone with the chops to handle a chorus. Normally, that’s exactly what B.O.B does, but not this time. I suppose respect is due for the guy trying to do it on his own and with very little vocal production to boot, but this one just falls flat. Otherwise, the track is pretty solid and worth a listen. You can hear it here.

B.O.B’s Strange Clouds will hit stores May 1st. You can preorder it here.

Jacob Tender

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  • i have to disagree with whom ever wrote the post. i found this to be a very nice single?, song by b.o.b.. personally i’d rather hear him sing rather then rap an day of the week. B.o.b. adds a very nice substance to rap, especially right now when he’s been going main steam for a few minutes now where most rap is pretty much the smae thing over and over then remixed and remixed.