NOFX Discusses Sound Of New Album


AP recently caught up with Fat Mike to discuss the recording process of NOFX‘s new album.

The tracks on the group’s twelfth full-length were produced by Bill Stevenson (Rise Against, Hot Water Music, Bouncing Souls). Mike mentioned that the sound of this album is compareable to Punk In Drublic. He also discussed how the writing worked, his laziness and the vibe in the studio. Read the entire article by heading here and enjoy.

I was gonna ask you to expand on that, because at this point I think most people know what a NOFX record is gonna sound like but I mean what would you compare it to?
Well, it sounds really old-school NOFX and really old-school not NOFX, like Orange County [punk] from ‘82. We’ve never done a record like this before, but most of the guitar tracks were done with a Jazzmaster guitar played through a Fender Bassmen amp, so it doesn’t sound like Punk In Drublic as far as guitar tones.

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