Confession Release Final Statement Regarding Member Changes, Talk Tour Plans


Following a night of digital bickering, the dust seems to have finally cleared surrounding the member changes of Australia’s Confession.

If you recall from our post last night, members of the band original posted that vocalist Michael Crafter had been kicked out of the band. We ran the story shortly after the initial announcement, but things soon changed when another update was made on the profile, this time by Crafter, which stated the HE was the only remaining member of the band.

Shortly after midnight a definitive statement was made by Crafter:

It’s Crafter here. I would like to announce that the members who used to play in this band have tried to double cross me. I have know kicked out all members of the band and will be looking for legit friends to play within the band. It’s not something i wanted and after the years of work and time ive put into this band id like it to push forward. We will be touring Australia and Europe this year. So thanks for supporting Confession xo

Crafter is currently seeking musicians to join Confession. If interested, click here for details.

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