Craig Owens Cancels Solo Tour

Craig Owens 2012

After all of the drama, news bits, and announcements, it looks like Craig Owen’s solo tour has been canceled or at least postponed.

Word started circulating this morning when Fusion shows posted the following update this morning:


“Well, we WERE going to announce a new Craig Owens show for June 30 in Grand Rapids. But that tour got canceled, so never mind.”

We reached out to Craig and others involved with the tour for confirmations and comments.

Squid the Whale vocalist, Bradley Walden sent us this email the band recieved:

The band went on to tweet the following, offering fans some insight into their end of the situation.


Judy promotions first announced the tour was canceled stating. “Hey guys, due to unforeseen circumstances and all those other things we’re supposed to say in scenarios such as this, the Craig Owens tour has been canceled in all markets. Online tickets will be refunded.” This was countered by a statement made to AltPress saying that tour was merely postponed.

We are still waiting on word from Craig Owens, but we will keep you posted with any further updates.

Jacob Tender

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