Michael Palascak Invites Justin Beiber Over to Watch His Comedy Central Special

Michael Palascak

In addition to our Stand Up Tuesdays column, we like to occasionally fill you in on some new comedic talent via our news feed.

So today, we’d like to introduce you to Michael Palascak (pronounced Pal-a-sack) who is a stand-up comic from Wabash, Indiana. He was the winner of HBO’s Lucky 21 Stand-up Contest and Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight in Chicago.

This friday, May 11th, Michael’s 30 minute special on Comedy Central will air at 11:30 E/P, 10:30 C. So be sure to check that out if you like comedy or have no social life.

Inside, we have a few videos of Michael doing his best to make you laugh. Will he succeed?

YouTube suffers from a lack of Palascak, but this is one of his better recorded performances.

Jacob Tender

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