LYRIC VIDEO: John Mayer – “Queen of California”

John Mayer - 2012

John Mayer is only 11 days away from dropping his fifth studio album, Born & Raised. Thus far, he’s given us the single “Shadow Days” a somber tune, to be sure, but a good insight into the sound we can expect from the pop star’s latest effort.

Today, Mayer has released the lyric video for a second single called “Queen of California.”

If anyone recalls, just after the tour supporting Mayer’s Battle Studies record, the singer announced that he would be next be working on an album inspired by the work of Bob Dylan, who had been listening to a lot of at the time. I think that became a half-truth. “Queen of California,” as well as  “Shadow Days,” have a bit of that southern or folky twang to them. This is the most country John Mayer has gone (except for those incredible duets with Brad Paisley).

I know you’re all excited to hear the new tune, so step inside to take a listen! 

Jacob Tender

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  • Kalie Riemer

    Great song! Fans should also check out the interactive video for Shadow Days he just released, it’s awesome

  • JerryB

    Dope track. Gotta admit I love John’s new sound. Will definitely be picking up the album on May 22nd on vinyl. That interactive thing is really cool too! Thanks for sharing!

  • Csheppard2009

    No…wtf happen?…

  • Csheppard2009