Earth Crisis Announce Tour Dates


Legendary straight edge metalcore act Earth Crisis announced tour dates that lead up to their appearance at this year’s This is Hardcore Fest in Philadelphia. The band was active from  1989 and played through 2001, until going on hiatus. It wasn’t until 2007 and recently that Earth Crisis decided to play more shows and continue to speak their message of environmentalism.

The band is known for their very forward thinking attitude about living a straight edge and vegan lifestyle, supporting animal rights and other causes. If you haven’t listened to this band’s music before, Earth Crisis is considered to be one of the godfathers of the metalcore genre, despite really fitting in best within the hardcore community.

You can check out the dates after the break and let UTG know if you’re ready to go wild to Earth Crisis!

8/3: Corning, NY @ Union Hall
8/4: Toronto, ON @ Hardluck Bar
8/5: Toledo, OH @ Frankie’s
8/6: Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
8/7: Lansing, MI @ Mac’s
8/8: Pittsburgh, PA @ The Hideout
8/9: Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer (This is Hardcore)


Tyler Osborne

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