STREAM: Self Defense Family – “Self Immolation Family”

self defense

Self Defense Family released a new track today that comes off of their new 7inch on Deathwish Records. The 7inch is a part of their “Island Series” where they record two songs at a recording studio on an island. “Self Immolation Family” was actually recorded in Sigur Rios of Iceland’s recording studio. The band creates a very expansive sound for this track, and it’s quite mesmerising.

We will keep you updated as more details come out about the 7inch, and when it comes out, so make sure you check back for that information.

You can check out the track after the break, and make sure you let UTG know what you think of it!


Tyler Osborne

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  • Ryanb6488

    This song is fucking great. The guitar is perhaps too tame to appreciate in the first listen, but after a minute the infectious bassline pulls you in and by the time the lackadaisical chanting of the last half is complete, you are put into a trance without knowing it.