Aaron Sorkin Confirmed as Screenwriter for Sony’s Steve Jobs Movie


Aaron Sorkin (writer of The West Wing, Moneyball, The Social Network) has been confirmed as the screenwriter who will bring visionary Apple CEO Steve Jobs to the silver screen for Sony. This movie will be based around Walter Isaacson’s official biography of Steve Jobs, which came out in October. As a reminder, this movie has NOTHING to do with the other Steve Jobs movie that is also being made, starring Ashton Kutcher. When it comes to be the time to see one of the Steve Jobs movies coming out, make sure the Aaron Sorkin one is the movie you choose. We can almost guarantee that it’s going to be better.

Aaron Sorkin has a lot of experience adapting novels to the big screen (both Moneyball and The Social Network are adaptations from novels), so frankly we at UTG have complete confidence in Sorkin’s abililty to take the enigmatic Steve Jobs and properly portray him on the big screen. Also a fact that isn’t as known to the public, Aaron Sorkin was offered a job at Pixar (which was created by Steve Jobs), and through this job opportunity given to him by Steve Jobs personally, the two actually became good friends. Sorkin acted as somewhat of a confidant for Jobs, where they would discuss new products and ideas for Pixar. We cannot think of a better filmmaker to tackle the legacy of Steve Jobs.

Tyler Osborne

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