IsAnyoneUp? Founder Hunter Moore Being Investigated By The FBI


The Village Voice broke a story this morning that is sure to spark mountains of conversation amongst digital water coolers across the net. Hunter Moore, infamous founder of revenge porn mega-site IsAnyoneUp?, is currently under investigation from the FBI in connection to a case involving computer hacking.

Moore, who has long claimed to be corroborating with law enforce in regards to users who submitted underage or illegal imagery, is reportedly pissed that this news is making the rounds. In fact, The Village Voice claims he threatened them for even considering breaking the news, quoting Hunter:

Honestly, I will be fucking furious, and I will burn down fucking The Village Voice headquarters if you fucking write anything saying I have an FBI investigation.”

At this time, it is unclear exactly what involvement the FBI believes Moore to have in the situation, but additional details are expected to surface in the near future.

Call me crazy, but that is an awfully harsh reaction for someone who presents himself as consistently giving “no fucks” about how he is perceived in the mainstream. I mean, the guy openly tweets about spending $15,000 a month on cocaine, but decides to have a Hulk-level flip over news his questionably legal website may have pissed some people off? Something here does not add up.

Those interested in reading the original article can do so by click right here. After you review the facts, comment below and let us know your thoughts on this developing story.

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