NGHBRS - Animals SINGLE 1200x1200

NGHBRS came across our radar some time ago, making this writer make use of his iPhone’s “repeat all” function on his long drives back home on winter break this year. Their latest album (actually, a long EP) is called Hellomind (iTunes) and it’s incredible.

If you’re into that progressive pop-rock sound, they’ve got it down. They’re melodies are completely infectious, their guitar work is contagious. NGHBRS is a band you NEED to listen to. That won’t be difficult for you because today we’ve got their latest single, “Animals” streaming here with a link for download.


This is the new single:

This is their other single:

This is their EP:

What do you think?

Jacob Tender

Jacob is a freelance writer who calls home. He is also the co-host of the Bantha Fodder podcast and helps UTG with technical and financial nonsense.
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