Guns N’ Roses Request 20 Young Female Models To Fill The Front Row At An Upcoming Gig


Axl Rose has never been one to play it tame, and his latest shenanigans are no different.

According to an article on DailyRecord, Guns N’ Roses have requested 20 beautiful female models, ages 19-23, be placed in the front row for the band’s upcoming performance in Glasgow.

That’s right: Models, not fans, come first.

Apparently, someone from GnR hired All Talent – The Sonia Scott Agency – to recruit the girls. As compensation for appearing at the gig, the girls will be granted backstage access after the concert, as well as the opportunity to party with the band.

DailyRecord went as far as to contact a few of the selected models for comment. I won’t ruin the surprise, but let’s just say that some are clearly in it for the money. Click here to read the full story and comment below your thoughts on the latest craziness to emerge from the GnR camp.

Tyler Osborne

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