The Spill Canvas Release Track-Listing/Song Clips For ‘Gestalt’

Gestalt The Spill Canvas 2012

The Spill Canvas have unveiled the official track-listing and song clips from their upcoming album, Gestalt, and Under The Gun has the details.

The song clips can be streamed directly on Amazon and invite us all into the world of TSC. We have surely missed them. View the track-listing below and let us know if this album is on your list of items to purchase tomorrow.

1. Whiskey Dream Kathleen
2. Chemicals
3. Parallels and Money
4. From: San Francisco
5. To: Chicago (ft. Andy Jackson)
6. Off a Cliff
7. Firm Believer
8. The Meds
9. Mariana
10. My Vicinity
11. Sabotage Internal

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