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Ohio pop-punk band Mixtapes just released 26 songs for free, all of which are complete jokes under the title of Songs to Start a Revolution To. If you remember earlier this month, Mixtapes released a joke song “To My Friends (I Stand By You)” that will not be on their upcoming album Even On the Worst Nights. We originally thought that “To My Friends” was just a song they put together to have fun, and it was, but it turns out there were 26 other songs that they recorded.

A lot of these songs suck, and that’s kind of the point. It seems like these songs were recorded when they were sitting around, hanging out, and probably drunk. And here at UTG we love it. Mixtapes actual debut full-length Even On the Worst Nights comes out on June 26, so if you’re looking for what the band actually sounds like, that’s what you’ll need to pick up.

You can download the collection of songs here, but make sure you check out a statement from Mixtapes after the break. Also, make sure you let UTG know what your favorite song is in the comments!

So check it out, when we were recording even on the worst nights each morning we would kind of freestyle songs just to warm ourselves up. Between us and Eric, who is the guy that records us, we didn’t realize that we actually had about 26 of these recorded, and it added up to about 40 minutes. Almost all of them were just one the spot, and I can assure you that No Sleep Records is very happy that we took their money for recording and also came out with this. We didn’t really plan on releasing them because it was just us being us, but we decided why not. Nothing about this is serious so don’t expect any good songs or anything that’s like our real music, I am however proud of a 15 minute long free styled song, and I ask that you listen to the silence chronicles last and in order. So here you go, enjoy the album “songs to start a revolution to” by Sundrinker

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