MUSIC VIDEO: The Dear Hunter – Never Forgive Never Forget

The Dear Hunter

The Dear Hunter have created a spectacular set of visuals for their song “Never Forgive Never Forget,” which comes off of The Color Spectrum collection. This video is seemingly flawless.

If you have not experienced the great talent that is this band you need to get on it right now. Pick up their album through Triple Crown Records. The band’s creator Casey Crescenzo told Spinner his thoughts on the video and can be viewed below.

“About 10 seconds in, I called out to the rest of my band, who was still in the other room rehearsing, and asked them to come in the control room and watch the video with me,” he continues. “About five minutes later we were all sitting with our jaws on the floor. I immediately reached out to the production company, and professed my love and admiration for what they created. Now I am excited to share with everyone what these incredibly talented people crafted.”

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