Review: Night Verses – Out of the Sky EP


Band: Night Verses
Album: Out of the Sky EP
Genre: Post-hardcore/Experimental
Label: Unsigned

Douglas Robinson, the vocalist for The Sleeping, has been keeping busy since the band announced their indefinite-hiatus this January. Robinson stepped in as the vocalist for the Archives after the departure of Marco Lira. However, instead of going on as Archives, the group adopted a new moniker: Night Verses.

The group is characterized by their artful melding of the bombastic crunch and static of the Archive and the melodic gloss of The Sleeping. Their debut release, Out of the Sky while short – just shy of twenty minutes – is a dense sonic landscape comprised of; math rock fret tapping, ethereal guitar riffs that end with a snarling crunch, bombastic percussion and electronic effects. Despite the length of each track – none of them are under four minutes – along with the heavy levels of production, the tracks never feel sluggish or uneven.

The highlight of the EP is “Be Happy With Yourself, I’m Staying Here in Hell.” What makes this track standout among the other three is the way that Night Verses incorporates additional instruments. The track opens with only a hollow marimba to fill the silence before Robinson comes in, his voice sounding thin and far away. As Robinson croons the track unfolds – revealing churning atmospheric guitar riffs that quickly morph in snarling whines before turning back.

Out of the Sky is the perfect tease by Night Verses. It’s just long enough get listeners hooked, but short enough to be just shy of satisfying. Be sure to look out for their full length release sometime in the future.

Score: 7/10
Review written by: Ethan Merrick

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