PREVIEW: Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn – King For A Day

Pierce The Veil 2012

Pierce The Veil have released a 46-second preview of their new single called “King For A Day,” which features Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens). This song will come off of PTV’s upcoming release, Collide With The Sky, dropping July 17 via Fearless Records.

UTG cannot wait to listen to the entire song when it hits the internet on June 5.

Click through to listen to this preview and start getting excited!

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  • ye

    1st to comment bitches, i love both bands can’t wait to hear the whole thing

  • bby

    oh my god the tears wont stop streaming this is perfect asdfghjkl;

  • Deadlyweaponzx

    pierce the veil is like, my soul band. and hearing this is amazing. i’m so excited for this July.

  • Loy

    i cant wait to get the album<333 What To expect!

  • Amanda Marie

    Not a big fan of Rise Records but FUUUUUUCK YEAH! Pierce The Veil’s new album is going to be tight. I know for a fact they won’t conform into the rest of the hardcore scene, they’ll always be original!! Warped Tour is going to be A YEAR TO REMEMBER if they play some new songs from Collide With The Sky on their set. They’re definitely one of the best live sets to see at Warped so I recommend it. I’ve seen them three times and I’m already going crazy for the fourth on June 30th, one more month! Catch them perform, you won’t regret it. AND BUY THEIR NEW ALBUM, support musicians as good as these!!

  • Lexii

    I like it already can’t wait for it to hit the Internet!!! I LOVE KELLIN QUINN!!

  • This band isnt on rise records. This band is on Fearless Records.