Petition Started To Exonerate Javier Reyes Of Criminal Charges

Animals_As_Leaders 2012

Earlier today UTG reported about the arrest of Animals As Leaders guitarist Javier Reyes after the band performed at the Tam in Boston. The description of the arrest is as confusing a story as any one could imagine. Especially for any one who believes that police are always here to help serve and protect the public. As the story continued to unravel it became more and more unclear why Reyes had been detained at all and why the group with Reyes were so wrongfully treated.

As the story continued to spread more and more people became outraged at the events that had occurred. News has now broken that a petition has been started in order to help exonerate Reyes of all charges, including the believed charge of assault and battery of a police officer. The petition has a goal of 30,000 signatures, already gathering up an outstanding 5,853 names.

According to the petition the officer involved in the incident is BELIEVED to be Officer Rance Cooley. Although UTG cannot confirm it is Cooley for certain, the petition site also provides a link to an article detailing prior injustices committed by Officer Cooley while on the force.

Upon reading the witness statement it becomes clear that there is overwhelming evidence supporting police brutality towards Javier Reyes and those with him. For those wishing to help out the petition can be found here, and you can be certain that every signature helps. Be sure to keep a lookout for more news on this bizarre story here on UTG.

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